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70% Off I hear you say?

A big hello from Retro-On-Sea!

I really don't know where the last 2 weeks have gone. I have been knee-deep in parcels, pulling out boxes from the stock room and have been feeling the vibes of summer as I found the sunhats and bicycle baskets!

My clearance sale has been going really well - such a lovely response from everyone, so thank you so very much for all of your orders. I have one remaining week of the sale now - so don't miss out on some amazing bargains!

Now that we are once again in lockdown and it is time to get cosy, snuggle up with blankets and coffee, we are giving you a real incentive to get some further Christmas gifts from us here at Retro-On-Sea. Or perhaps a gift for yourself that will make being at home more enjoyable.

We now have 70% OFF ALL PRODUCTS remaining in the online shop!

This will give everyone a chance to buy a little something ... or a lot!

Everything will be sent by our courier - unless you wish to pick up your parcel from me direct. I just need a day and time and I will leave your parcel in our open-fronted garage for you to collect. No contact is necessary.

It couldn't be more simple. Online shopping at it's easiest and most enjoyable!

Keep positive dear friends. If you are finding things difficult, you are most definitely not alone. I must admit that I have my wobbly moments. It will be very hard to say goodbye to my website shop during this time. I have also been missing my dearest dog, Badger. Along with lockdown, there are so many emotions to face all at once. We are all human!

I can remember many years ago when I had first set up shop. Someone sent me a message and said how much they loved what I was doing. They said, 'I am sure that you live in a beautiful house and it is like out of 'Country Living'. I was pleased that she had this illusion of wonderfulness linked with what I was doing, but at the same time, it was very far from the truth. Little did she know that I was selling these lovely items from my spare room!

I think we all tend to think that the grass is much greener on the other side of the fence..when so often it is not. We can put on a front that we want people to see.

Right now you could be doing just that, but inside feel snowed under by work pressures or looking after your family during this run-up to Christmas. You could feel vulnerable and very alone.

Take heart and keep some simple cheerfulness in each new day. I have just watched a vlog of someone I follow. This latest vlog was just his early morning walk where he lives. Trees, water, leaves animals... so simple, but effective. Nothing extra. He was using his eyes and ears and taking in the beauty of it all. Wonderful!

Lockdown or no lockdown, nature will still carry on doing its thing. The birds will still be there. The wind will still blow and the clouds will still move. Leaves will crunch under our feet as they always have done. I have one remaining hen at the moment. Her fellow housemates have all sadly died... she was a bit pushy with them all. I went out to feed her earlier today. She is blissfully unaware of lockdown and we had a great little chat together. Let us be grateful for small mercies!

Enjoy the rest of the week and weekend ahead. Keep well. Stay cosy!

Here is the link to the website shop.

Catch up again soon.

Ros xx

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