• Ros Davis

At Home By The Sea...

I don't know about you, but I am ready for spring!

Our coastlines have certainly had to put up with their fair share of storms over recent weeks.

Here at Retro-On-Sea, we have been gathering together some gorgeous stock for spring and our new website is now live. Take a look at

This year I am going back to my 'Retro-On-Sea' roots. Years ago I used to supply vintage collectables that would look good in everything from a campervan, vintage caravan right through to a beach hut or boat.

I want to share my love of the British seaside through the shop, Facebook, Instagram and of course here with my BLOG.

Going forward, I will be writing a blog each week, sharing new items, ideas and photos. So be sure to check in! You can also subscribe to our mailing list on the website to keep up to date with stock, competitions and offers.

Over the last few weeks I have been choosing stock that I love and I think you will love too. When I am in need of inspiration I refer to my 'ideas' book. Every month I add in magazine articles of things that I like and are mainly related to the coast and seaside. I recommend doing this. You forget what you add in and come back to it when you need a reminder of what you like most. It could be a hut by the sea, decked out with bunting, it could be a particular shell or colour. You will have a visual 'feast' at your fingertips.

Colour is so important and can set the mood for the day. The sea and the light are constantly changing at the coast. Sometimes we need to stop and observe it in all its beauty.

I love my job and the website shop. It wouldn't be there if it wasn't for all of you, reading what I write, supporting and cheering me on!

Friends who know me well will tell you that I love talking and I love writing! Hopefully, over the next few weeks and months, I will be sharing with you collectables, photographs and ideas that will inspire you.

So this year is all about 'At Home By The Sea' ..... feeling at home, and being at home with our collectables, ideas and some brand new retro-style items that we think you will love as well.

We are continuing to sell new scarves as you all seem to love them! I certainly do too! Many of these have a nautical theme and are big enough to wear as a scarf or use as a wrap on the beach.

Here is 'Rockpool' in blue. Now on sale in the shop.

Happy days!

Ros xx

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