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Hello from Retro-On-Sea!

It is great to be finally sitting down to write a blog and I have been really enjoying being back with the online shop. I couldn't keep it running without all of your support ... so a very big heartfelt thank you to all of you who have placed orders with me over the last few months. Please do remember to subscribe to my website so that you can keep up to date with the lasted offers via email.

I must admit I have taken a few mornings or afternoons out over the last few weeks. Just to help build my confidence and enjoy a return to being a part of the world outside of my front door. My panic and anxiety does vary from day to day, but overall I can say that it is improving. Just ever so slowly, but mainly going in the right direction.

My dear hubbie Michael has finally encouraged me to venture in with him to some of our favourite coffee shops once again ... mainly Glastonbury, Wells and even Bristol, which is a real milestone for me.

So it has just been finding the right balance between working from home and venturing out for a few hours at a time. Learning to relax once again and take in what is happening around me, rather than just trying to get through whatever it is and run! I am learning to breathe and tell myself that everything is alright. Preparing for the day with meditation first thing and listening to a soundscape on my IPad has helped me enormously.

I know it is really way too early to mention the 'Christmas' word, but I have to get ahead with stock as I know that some of you like to start preparations early.

It would seem that keeping warm this winter isn't going to be easy for many. I have just listed some cosy fingerless gloves that you can wear while you work, along with some more fun socks. We have plenty of knitted scarves at great prices.

I like to stock items at this time of year that are easy to post or pop into a stocking or two.

So keep looking for updates!

If you are local to me, do remember that you can collect from me here in Mark, Somerset. Many people do, so join in too!

I will be doing more regular blog posts in the coming weeks. Keep staying positive and hopefully, the website will add some jolliness to the coming days.

Catch up with you again soon, meanwhile, you can see the new stock as it arrives at

Ros xx

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