• Ros Davis

Faded beauty....

Goodbye dear was a blast!

I hope that all of you can say the same, as the last few months give way to the glory of autumn.

My husband Michael and I spent quite a lot of time at home this last summer, entertaining friends that we haven't seen for a long time. Catching up on old times and new alike.

Michael bought me an old vintage metal day bed for my birthday. He is a like-minded lover of vintage, so he new that this purchase would be well received!

We have enjoyed our garden and as the warmth of July and August slip away, we watch the mists roll in and envelope what is left of decaying seed heads.

The madness of getting ready for a new term, whether it be school, university or workplace has past in a frenzy of uncertainty and excitement for many.

Here at Retro-On-Sea, we are currently gathering together some gorgeous stock for our Autumn 2019 online shop. Particularly as most of our remaining stock has flown out of the door during our summer sale!

Over the summer we have also been selling lots of seasidey stock at our local Cheddar boot sale, here in Somerset. It has been hard work, tremendous fun and very busy! Most of all I would like to thank any local customers who have turned up and bought many of our goodies. As it has been so successful, we have decided to carry on with the stall each week, right through September - weather permitting.

For me personally,it has meant a great deal. I am now finding that my anxiety is getting less and less each time I go. I have met some fantastic people, fellow sellers, vintage dealers and buyers alike. I have had conversations with like minded, interesting and creative people. I am not alone in chasing that little piece of treasure! It gives me great joy to rummage through boxes of vintage fabric, buttons or lace.

To buy a couple of vintage silk scarves for a pound. I have a basket full here at home, ready to tie my greying hair up at a moment's notice!

My family know that I buy quite a few books...ok...maybe more than quite a few!

Not only fiction, but non-fiction and mainly for inspiration.

These volumes are usually by authors that I have great respect for and I feel an empathy with..this can be lifestyle, designer interest and also have, like me a great love in their hearts for items that are ever so slightly faded or what many would call shabby!

So we are putting together a collection of gorgeous things for the shop. Old and new. Items that we hope you will love. Scarves that you can wear against the backdrop of an inky sea or autumn woodland.

I am looking forward to t0 sharing Autumn 2019 at Retro-On-Sea with you all. New stock will be launched in the website shop in mid September. I will keep you posted via Facebook and Instagram.

Faded beauty can be applied to so many things, all lovely in their own way.

Have a very happy autumn!

Ros x

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