• Ros Davis

Goodbye....& thank you!

There is never a right time for this to happen and sometimes it happens sooner than you would expect. That is life!

I must admit I didn't get much sleep last night as I thought about the last 8 years and how I had brought the idea of 'Retro-On-Sea' into being. My great love of the seaside and also of vintage and retro, that came together in one wonderful rush of colour, fun and unique style.

My bricks and mortar shop was tremendously exciting but came about when my anxiety and panic were taking hold of me and I wasn't able to put in anything like the amount of customer contact I wanted to give.

So re-inventing the shop online was the best thing I could ever have done. I could work from home - allowing me to ever so gradually recover from what seemed like an endless spiral of fear. Alongside my dear family, my work kept me going and as vintage and retro became more difficult to find, I was able to add in new stylish items that you as the customers loved as much as I did.

Along with help from my younger son Peter, we set about bringing a more professional website and content to our buyers.

None of us, I know could foresee what was going to happen earlier this year and in all fairness, we had ridden the storm pretty well through to July. We have been able to provide a service to post parcels to friends and loved ones and offered a 'no contact' 'collection service for all of our local customers. I want to thank you one and all, who have supported us through that time.

Since back at the start of the summer holidays , until now, we have noticed a very big change in our day to day sales. We were hoping that with the launch of Autumn and new stock coming in we would see a change in orders. Sadly, this has not been the case and I have since August known that everything has hung in the balance. There is an eery silence as we have known that many of our customers have had to 'tighten their belts' and wait for 'sales' this side of Christmas. We totally understand this. If I was only running my shop for the love of it, I would plough on through, but I have to make the figures add up at the end of the day.

Complete with advertising restrictions put in place from Facebook... one of my biggest audiences, I had to make a sensible decision right now.

So it is, with a heavy heart that I will be closing Retro-On-Sea in 3 weeks time. I am a great believer in being positive and would love the shop to go out on a high! SO from today, I am going to be having a wonderful CLEARANCE SALE! There will be 50% OFF most items. This should be a great opportunity for many of you to get some great bargains and to do some Christmas shopping!

My eldest son always tells me, if a chapter is closing, then a new one is starting... he is so, so right.

I intend to spend more time enjoying my dearest family, home and garden. Also spending time with friends where that is permitted.

I would like to thank you, the customers, whom without, I wouldn't have been able to do any of this.

To the friends, I have made over the years in the vintage world. You are all stars shining in a night sky.

To my dearest dog Badger - who became a part of the 'show' early on! I miss you loads.

Finally to my husband, for believing in me every step of the way. You are the biggest brightest star a girl could hope for.

If anyone is local and wants to collect purchases, that is absolutely fine! Business as usual until closing day!

Ros xx

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