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Old peg bags and other stories...

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

It won't be long now before we see many a fair-weather vintage dealer setting up shop out of doors once again. Selling at vintage fairs, stalls and amongst themselves. Feeling the warmth of some spring sunshine on their faces. Bliss!

It really is one big family. Sharing your latest find, the banter, the encouragement, the highs and the lows. We also know not to worry about what we look like at 5 or 6 in the morning. I generally tie my hair up in a headscarf (of which I have a million), grab my wellibobs and go!

We all share an addiction to vintage and an ability to seek out some buried treasure. This is also why our homes are packed with our favourite finds. Things that we can't let go of...for a while, anyway. Everyone has their own style and usually specialise in one particular thing.

So at this time of year, I get quite excited with anticipation of what is to come. You never know quite what it is, but you know it could be good!

Something as simple as these peg bags, made out of vintage deck chair fabric are just the sort of thing I cannot leave behind. They are very roughly made (and I mean very), but the idea is great and they are fit for the purpose. With a beach style, what is not to love!

I love hanging washing on the fact I love laundry...full stop!

Perhaps I should do a blog one day called 'diary of my laundry room'. A lot of vintage items pass through it on their road to cleanliness. I generally don't like selling dirt, along with the sale in hand. Yes, that's another future blog in the bag!

Let me know if you like the peg bag idea - if so I will sell them through the on-line shop at

Speaking of which, I am going to make a few changes going forward and it will provide more scope for our customers. We are finding that our many of our vintage items sell better on our retro-on-sea eBay site as auction listings than they do in the online shop. So going forward we are sharing our sales between the 2 sites, most vintage on eBay and then retro style brand new items in the website shop. You will now have the best of both worlds.

Here is the link address for the eBay site as well.

We have already sold over 3000 items through our eBay account and have 100% positive feedbacks. Most items will be sold as 'auctions' rather than 'buy it nows'.

I hope this all makes sense! I am really looking forward to buying and selling some fun but equally fabulous items over the coming months...

I am loving the vibe of these kimonos, now available in the website shop. They are brand new and in a whole range of patterns. Perfect on top of a white t-shirt and jeans or poolside over your swimwear. Fingers crossed everyone for some sunshine!

Ros xx

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