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Sea Glass & Oranges

Beginnings and endings can quite often be the most difficult. What do I write in my very first blog? Which, by the way I have longed to have for quite a while now. My very own blog. I love to write. I always have I suppose. Particularly about creative things that I love!

So here, at Retro-On-Sea, I hope to share all sorts of creative loveliness with you each week. My aim is that you will all go away with just one gem that inspires you! How lovely that would be.

A few weeks ago I asked my customers what they would like to see in the shop. By far the most requests were for jewellery with a seaside theme. I felt inspired and thankful for this and set to work thinking about what we could stock. The decision wasn't difficult. I have always been a lover of sea glass, having combed beaches over the years for those precious pieces, winking at you in the sand or amongst the pebbles.

I have added some pretty pieces of sea glass jewellery to the website shop. I hope that you will love them too. The bracelets are elasticated and really comfortable to wear. The necklaces are perfect for summer. Take a look at

Here at Retro-On-Sea we are celebrating the beginning of May. Beach huts and campervans are being opened up for the coming months and fingers crossed, warmer weather!

May can often be one of our busiest months of the year and I feel grateful that I have a group of customers who spread themselves all around the British Coast...and beyond to warmer climes!

No two days are the same here at Retro-On-Sea HQ. As I ate my breakfast and drank my coffee first thing this morning, I scrolled through my messages. What better way to start the day than seeing a beautiful picture of one of my lovely customers surrounded by sunny oranges and one of our string bags full of fruit and vegetables!

She was thanking me for the string bags that she had bought from the shop and was now using at her home in Greece. It was wonderful to see them being used and appreciated by her.

Re-using these string bags avoids plastic waste and they go on forever! We still have plenty for sale in the website shop. So pop over and take a look. We will be having plenty of other stock in over the summer months. We will keep you posted through this blog and our other social media sites.

So I will end with 'oranges' ...filled with sunshine and vitamin C!

A big thank you to Pam for letting me use her photo in this blog - the timing was perfect!

I look forward to catching up with you all again next week.

Be happy!

Ros x

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