• Ros Davis

Seaside or no seaside ...

With or without it...

We have some beautiful new Autumn '20 stock in our online shop, which we have been looking forward to sharing with you.

Despite the colder and darker days that lie around the corner, we must prepare ourselves for cosiness and comfort. Things to give us cheer, things to keep us warm, things to make us smile, things to give us hope and happiness.

I know that this is not going to be easy for many of us. For friends or family that go into further lockdown and the isolation that that may bring to so many.

We have all seen highs and lows during the year so far. My biggest high has been swimming in the sea off a quiet and beautiful beach in Devon. Clear water, the motion of the tide all around me. Feeling like I could breathe. All my anxiety and panic dissolving in the salty water. The lowest point has been the death of our dearest Jack Russell Badger. So unexpected and utterly heart-wrenching. This photo was taken just a few weeks before he died. He has been my greatest of friends during years of anxiety and panic. He has left the biggest hole and heartache...but I will get through it.

So many are being shielded and shielding themselves from this virus that they cannot see. I think we probably all know someone in this situation in some way.

Keeping a sense of 'community' despite a physical distance between our friends and loved ones is vitally important. We need community. We need a sense of identity within those groups of people. We need to take pride in ourselves, and let people see us as 'us'.

So keep talking to those people. Send them messages of love, not just by email, but send them a card. A real message that they can feel and read, touch and hold. Put on their mantlepiece or kitchen pinboard. Send them a parcel of goodies, a surprise package that they were not expecting. Like it was their birthday or Christmas. Send them things that will make them smile. Again, things that they can touch and feel and love.

If you are the one being shielded or you are shielding yourself, don't give up being you. Make sure that you wear clothes that you wear when you go out to see a friend. Never say 'I don't need to bother because it is just me'. Take pride in yourself and your character. Dress up for a zoom call. Change things around in your home. Don't look at the same four walls every day...change things around a little.

We all know that the coming months are not going to be easy and running a small business at this time is far from easy I have to admit.

Having said that, here at Retro-On-Sea we have never been happier to spread as much happiness as we can to our customers. We know that mail-order can be helpful at this time. If you have any questions or special requests ...please do let us know. We will try our best to help in any way we can.

I will be adding more frequent blogs in the coming weeks and will be keeping you all updated with our news.

When we know we are through all of this, perhaps we will walk or run along a deserted beach. The wind in our hair and find ourselves softly saying ... thank you.

Keep safe and well,

Ros x

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