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Tiny things that make a big difference...

I would just like to thank all of you who took time to read my last blog about my personal experience of anxiety and the journey I have taken to wellness.

One thing I am sure of is that if I could find a quick fix for it, bottle it and sell it.... I would be a very rich person indeed!

Exercise, yoga and meditation can be wonderfully helpful, but when your anxiety is pretty bad, any structured workout day to day, seems impossible.

So here is what has worked for me during my most difficult period. A little checklist of tiny things that make a big difference.

Stop saying sorry....

Your mind is constantly asking the question. Why do I feel like this? Why has this happened to me? I have let everyone down.

You don't need to apologise. Just try and let your mind rest.

If you are lucky enough to have a doesn't have to be large. Go out and sit in it. Just look at the green, the flowers....the sky and clouds.

Take off your shoes and feel the grass beneath your feet.

You may not be well enough to work, but a mindfulness colouring book concentrates your mind on something other than worry. You can get them online.

Pick a colour that you love.

Think of all the lovely things that can come in that colour.

Make a Pinterest board. Or take images from magazines in that colour and stick them into a scrapbook. Come back to it and add to it.

Start writing a journal, or if your brain is too tired, just a sentence or two on a you you want to feel. Write it all down.

Sit and listen to birdsong. I listen to the wood pigeons outside my house in summer - just for five minutes.

I have a large china bowl which I fill with water. Shut your eyes and put your hands in the water. Imagine you are in an open-air pool, or in a stream. Relax.

A pet can be a real friend in time of need. I have a Jack Russell whom I have talked to, cried to and sat with during the most difficult of times.

Once able to walk the dog a short distance along the road, hold on to the lead between finger and thumb. Concentrate on that connection between the lead and your thumb while you walk. This will help take your mind away from the anxiety and concentrate on just one thing. You will find that you are able to walk further.

You may want to dress in grey, black or other dark colours. You will want to feel invisible - so that people won't notice you or want to talk to you.

Keep looking at the colour in your wardrobe. Don't get rid of it. One day you will gradually introduce colour again. It will bring you joy once more.

I love being creative. As I have improved I have spent more time thinking about the craft projects I want to do. I love fabrics, so I keep adding small pieces to my fabric stash. Every now and then I just take them out and look at them.

I enjoy making sleep pillows filled with lavender. Keep one on your pillow. This will calm you and help you sleep.

Once you are able to go out in the car, or be driven a short distance in the car, try not to rely on chewing gum or mint sweets to help you feel less sick. Keep a lovely smelling lavender spritzer or perfume in your handbag. Spray some on you. This will help you feel cool and much calmer.

I have always been a seaside girl, so trips to the sea are also wonderful when you improve. You don't need to do much. Just sit on a towel and listen to the waves coming in to shore. Something as small as this will bring you joy.

If you can't make it to the sea, then listen to sounds of the sea on-line or on CD.

As a sufferer, you may find just one thing that helps. If you don't suffer, you may be able to suggest a few of these things to someone that you know.who does, or share the blog. Please do like and share the blog or feel free to comment!

One of my favourite colours is blue.

It need not be 'feeling blue', but can be the beautiful blue sky on a sunny day...the blue of the flowers.....the blue of the sea....lavender blue. All shades of blue!

So I am adding a blue theme to the shop this week.

There will be some blue summer scarves listed tomorrow (Tues 30th July'19) , so look out for those.

May your week be filled with happiness,

It is the tiny things that make a big difference.

Ros x

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