• Ros Davis

What a week!

Hello everyone!

I have been completely overwhelmed by the messages of love and encouragement I have received from so many of you, as a result of my last post about the upcoming closure of my on-line shop. I find it difficult to put into words, but it has meant so very much to me.

I have known some of you for the last 8 years and others for just a few months, yet you all seem to appreciate what I have tried to achieve with my business.

Spreading sunshine is what it has all been about!

I am sorry that it has taken a little longer to dispatch the orders that you have placed since Saturday. It has taken me 4 days of constant packing to get them parcelled up...and there has just been me! Again I have been amazed at how many orders there have been ... record sales in a matter of a few hours. So the final ones from last weekend will be dispatched today and should reach you next week.

Here are a few bits of info which you might like to know...

Yes, the shop is still open at the moment - do place any further orders!

I will be closing the shop in 2 weeks time but will put some more old/new stock on the website next week. I will let you all know when this happens. It will be first come first served. There will be some more great 50% bargains!

When my shop closes I will still be keeping my domain name 'Retro-On-Sea' so that I have the flexibility of using it again one day. I will be keeping my Retro-On-Sea Facebook page so that I can communicate with you all - I think I will really miss having contact with many of you - so you can always send me a note! If I find any interesting coastal treasure I can always share it with you.

I also love writing a blog, if you hadn't already realised!

So I will be creating a new one and will share the link with you before the shop shuts.

I have been told by some of you that I should write a book... well...that would be amazing fun, perhaps one day I will!

So I will be in contact again in the coming week.

During these truly difficult times, keep safe, keep cosy and spread love to all those you care about. Take each day at a time. Treasure today.

I am so grateful for that care and optimism you have shown me over the last week.

It restores your faith in human nature at it's very best.

Ros xx

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